About us


Each of us brings a wealth of experience to help support you and your child.

Dr. med. habil. Sabine Hussack

Practice owner, paediatrician, mother of two

We value her:
Kindness, empathy, honesty, optimism, thirst for knowledge and her qualities as a doctor, boss and friend.

Curriculum vitae

Madlen Hübler

Practice manager, nurse, mother of two

Vaccination nurse, medical English, Study Nurse, hypertonia assistant

We value her:
Creativity, problem solving and organisational skills, sustainable way of thinking, love of harmony, honesty and optimism

Nadin Voigt

Practice manager, nurse, mother of two

Vaccination nurse, medical English, Reiki, kinesthetics training

We value her:
Perfectionism, attention to detail, clarity and honesty, orderliness, empathy and reconcilement skills

Information for your appointment

Welcome! We know that your time is precious which is why we have provided some tips to help make sure that your next visit goes smoothly.

  • Patient information on data privacy
  • We are a private medical practice.
  • Don’t forget to bring along your child’s medical records, vaccination card, blankie, favourite toy and changing bag.
  • Please contact us before coming to the practice in order to keep waiting times as short as possible, even in emergencies.
  • For concerns for which you do not want to bring your child to the practice, we offer call backs or video consultations.
  • Repeat prescriptions or referrals can be ordered for the following day per E-Mail oder our contact form (don’t forget to state your child’s name, date of birth and the prescriptions/referrals that you require).
  • By being on time you can help us to keep the appointments of the patients after you. Please let us know if you are running late to your appointment and we will find a solution. If you cannot come to your appointment, please contact us to cancel at least 24 hours in advance.
  • For vaccinations, we will write you a prescription before the vaccination appointment. If you want, we can also keep your vaccination refrigerated before your appointment.
  • We aim to minimise the risk of infection for your child and others at the practice by implementing various organisational and distancing measures. If you notice a skin rash or have reason to believe that your child is highly contagious let us know in advance and when you arrive at the practice, please ring the practice doorbell three times and wait outside for someone to come and fetch you.